There is a lot of talk about Berlin becoming one of the next Silicon Valleys. And honestly, what I am missing is a popular science movement like there is in the US. There are books in Germany about tech, but usually about the consequences of tech on society. But let’s face it – we don’t have our own Kevin Kelly or Chris Anderson. And – sure, there are exceptions – our bookstores don’t offer space for them.

But I like reading about their ideas and I am sure others would like to. This is why I set up this blog – to cover old and new stories about tech.

The aim of this blog is not to review books per se but rather to draw the connections between different authors, topics and opinions. This does not only involve modern books, but also classics. Everyone should at least stumble once upon Weizenbaum’s “Computer Power and Human Reason.

Most posts will be written in English, some will be written in German depending on the language of the book I could get my hands on.


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